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Social Work Statement of Purpose

social work psIf you are caring, kind and always keen to help others then it is likely you have considered a career in social work. If that is the case then your statement of purpose engineering or social work statement of purpose might be causing you a little trouble. In 2010 there were 650,500 social workers in the USA and primarily social work is done with the poor. Unsurprisingly this leads to the assumption that it is charity work when this is not the case. Median salaries of care workers range from around $40,000 to $55,000 a year. There are a variety of specialisations you can make including with children, rehabilitation centres and prisons. With all these options a great social worker statement of purpose could take you anywhere!

What Makes a SoP for Social Work Different?

social worker degreeYour social work personal statement will be very different to a statement of purpose engineering or creative writing statement of purpose for example. The need for social workers is expected to double thanks to a growing population and, therefore, increased demand. However, this doesn’t mean you can slack on your statement of purpose for social work masters! As more social workers are needed more people will begin to apply so the application will remain competitive. The biggest difference, though, is the focus on your personal qualities, almost over your grades. Your statement of purpose social work graduate school needs to focus heavily on the qualities (and examples of those qualities in action) that will make you a great social worker. This is very unlike other fields where grades come largely above anything with experience a close second. It takes the right kind of compassionate person to make a great social worker and a correct statement of purpose social work sample, though, and you need to reflect this in your social work statement of purpose.

How to Cope with Writing Your Social Work Personal Statement!

social work sop helpYour social work statement of purpose is an essential part of your application, potentially one of the most important. Make sure you take your time as, with all aspects of your application, rushing is likely to give you a bad impression which is not a good start with an admissions committee. We have made a list of ways to make writing your SoP for social work a little less stressful.

What are they asking?

Regardless of the prompt, you receive all universities are looking for answers to the following four questions: what do you want to study? Why do you want to study it? What experience do you already have it and what do you want to do with your degree

Consider the answer to these questions carefully, make sure you answer them all specifically in your social worker statement of purpose. Focus on your experiences as this will be an important factor in whether or not your application succeeds.


Your social work statement of purpose must focus on skills required for the field. Try not to go into detail about what extracurriculars you did at school or what football team you played on. Admissions committees don’t care! They want to know why you are so passionate about this subject, not about other things that may interest you. Social work is a little different to other subjects as your personal qualities need to be included too, make sure they are backed up with evidence and examples though!

Keep it interesting

An admissions committee probably reads thousands of statement of purpose for social work masters so you really need to find a way to stand out to be in with a chance of acceptance. A great way to do this is to think about a particular part of your field that interests you. Is there a big issue that you feel needs to be addressed? What about your field, in particular, gets you excited? This can be a fun way to open your statement of purpose as it demonstrates your passion for your subject rather than you simply talking about it. You have to be desperate to help in order to be a successful care work applicant.


Summarising your previous studies and experience can be a nice way to set the scene for how you began to love your chosen field. At this higher level, you must focus on the story of how you chose this field. Every action must boil down to the fact you now aim to pursue a career in this aspect of your particular subject. Read some social work statement of purpose examples to give you an idea of how to organise your summarization. It needs to be concise but how you came to love the idea of a career in social work is a great way for an admissions committee to get to know you beyond your grades on a piece of paper prior to the interview.

Top Advice from the Experts

Plenty of people claim to know all there is to know when it comes to writing a social work statement of purpose but we have a great tip for you from a real expert.

“Understand the role”

Becoming a social worker is not a position to take on lightly. You really need to understand what is involved and prove your knowledge in your statement of purpose for social work masters. Consider the qualities of teamwork organization, collective responsibility, human rights understanding and respect for diversity that you will need to succeed. You have to prove that you know what could and probably will be involved with the job before you even start on the course. Much like veterinary and medical positions admissions committees like to reject applicants who might not be mature or decisive enough to deal with situations that could arise. It is no good writing a brilliant statement of purpose social work graduate school, being accepted and graduating at the end of your course then being surprised at what you have to do or deal with in the real world. Being prepared is key!

Particularly with a statement of purpose as tricky as those in social work, there is no sense in going it alone. Enlist the help of our professionals to have your social work personal statement ready to go in no time. Spend more time learning about the universities you want to apply to and researching a career in social work and leave the application writing to us. Whatever you need, be it paragraph help, structure assistance or just a bit of proofreading we are here to help you.

Get your social work personal statement right with our professional help!