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PhD Statement of Purpose

phd ps tipsObtaining a PhD is incredibly impressive and sought after. Just 1% of the population holds the highest level of academic achievement. European PhDs are more difficult to obtain than their American counterparts so are worth less in terms of being on a CV. Older European universities’ PhD programmes tend to be more well-respected than those from newer establishments although this is not the case in technology-related fields. This does not mean that your statement of purpose for PhD application can be anything less than brilliant regardless of where you apply, though!

The best way to apply for PhDs with a doctorate personal statement and PhD statement of purpose is to look at it as though it is a job and get help writing statement of purpose. You are more likely to be accepted onto a PhD programme if you prove your dedication to learning and understanding more about your field than if you treat it as an exploration or assume you will make a major breakthrough. While that may happen you are likely to find the whole process depressing if that is what you expect. You may expect that that teaching or research are the only ways to put your PhDs to good use but many graduates go on to work in NGOs or even in government positions. Do make sure you consider whether or not you actually need a PhD for your chosen career. There is no sense putting all that effort into your statement of purpose for PhD application and then spending up to 7 years in further education to find it may even hinder you when trying to find a job.

How to Cope with Writing a PhD Statement of Purpose

phd admission assistanceYour statement of purpose for PhD is an essential part of your application and route into the highest level of education offered. Make sure you take your time writing a statement of purpose for PhD as with all aspects of your application. Rushing is likely to give you a bad impression, likely the first impression your admissions committee will have you. Have a look at our list of ways to make writing a PhD SoP a little less stressful.

What are they asking?

The prompts your university offer may differ but all universities want answers to the same four questions. These are: what do you want to study? Why do you want to study it? What experience do you already have it and what do you want to do with your PhD?

It is important that you focus entirely on experience and knowledge you have of this field in particular. PhDs remain a narrow focus on one particular topic so make sure this is the bulk of your PhD statement of purpose. At this level your field should be your only real passion and interest so why include extra things you like when an admissions committee have no interest in them? Tell the university what they want to hear: your passion for the subject you have chosen.


Your education throughout a PhD is focused even more finely than during graduate study so your statement of purpose for PhD must be just as refined. A clear presentation of your goals is essential. You must focus entirely on your subject. Extraneous details about extracurriculars you did at the high school have now become irrelevant unless directly related to the field you plan to study now. Every part of your PhD SoP must be relevant only to your subject. That should be your primary concern.

Keep it interesting

An admissions committee probably reads thousands of doctorate personal statement so you really need to stand out to be in with a chance of acceptance. Write several drafts to assess readability, try writing in different styles to see which comes most naturally to you. A great way to do this is to think about a particular part of your field that interests you. Is there an issue that needs solving or some new technology that has exciting prospects for the future? What about your field, in particular, gets you excited? This can be a fun way to open your statement of purpose for PhD application as it demonstrates your passion for your subject rather than just talking about it (or yourself!). Particularly at this higher level of education refinement is key. This must be one aspect of your field that you are passionate about so really ham it up in your PhD statement of purpose!


Summarising your previous studies and experience can be a nice way to set the scene for how you began to love your chosen field. Read the statement of purpose samples and give yourself checklist points to help you organise your summaries. At this higher level, you must focus on the story of how you chose this field. Every action must boil down to the fact you now aim to pursue a career in this aspect of your particular subject. The university will know your previous grades from your application but a succinct history of your education and interests is a good way to help an admissions committee get to know you and for you to prove you would be a valuable asset to the department you want to enter.

Top Advice from the Experts

writing and editing servicePlenty of people claim to know all there is to know about writing a statement of purpose for PhD but we have a great tip for you from a real expert. This is a great line to remember when writing your statement of purpose for PhD application. You need to make your PhD SoP readable and interesting. Don’t just give statements, explain them and tell a story with them. How did you get where you are? Why did you want to get there?

“Write stories, not statements.”

Admissions committees want to see a real passion for the subject so tell them your love story with your field, make it unique and interesting. You want them to remember your PhD statement of purpose of the hundreds of others they have received.

Your PhD statement of purpose can mean the difference between a successful application and rejection. Why leave writing a successful PhD SoP to chance? Reduce the risk and ensure you submit a great statement of purpose to your chosen university with our team of talented writer’s help who knows how to write a statement of purpose for PhD. We are always encouraged to seek help writing statement of purpose, particularly with proofreading, so surely it makes sense to get that help from professionals.

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