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Grad School Statement of Purpose

letter of intent writingGraduate school is a whole different ball game to undergraduate learning. Where your undergraduate years were spent learning your strengths and weaknesses and discovering where you wanted to go in life, graduate school is a lot more settled. This means your grad school statement of purpose will also be different. In this guide we will look into graduate school applications, including SoP graduate school, statement of purpose graduate school prompts and how you can get to the bottom of writing a grad school statement of purpose without the stress with our statement of purpose writing service!

What Is So Different about Grad School?

sop editor onlineUpon entering graduate school your journey of self-discovery is officially over. You will be expected to do more work outside the classroom and have a far better understanding of your subjects. Class sizes are smaller, lessons go on for longer and are more competitive meaning writing a statement of purpose for grad school is so important. In 2012 2.9 million students were attending graduate schools so competition is fierce for places. Whether for a social work statement of purpose or a geology personal statement you must consider your strengths and weaknesses as well as GRE scores to write a successful SoP or letter of intent. Getting into grad school is more difficult than undergraduate so ensuring your graduate school personal statement and SoP for graduate school is paramount to writing a great application.

The coursework for graduate studies is more extensive and you have less time to complete a lot more work. Although this sounds like all bad news it does mean you can focus more on your particular field of interest. Coursework is heavily research based so doing your own study and making your own judgements and discoveries is an exciting part of furthering your education. In 2016/17 Brown University had a 19% acceptance rate, just 12% for PhDs. You will learn skills during graduate school that will put you in good stead for a career in your field. Organising your time appropriately is essential to prevent you from drowning in work, as you should know from writing your SoP for graduate school and applications.

You will receive a lot less help during graduate studies than your time as an undergraduate. While there will be people to discuss issues with and ask for advice, professors and peers are often equally useful, your hand will be held a lot less! You need to be proactive and genuinely interested in your field to succeed in graduate school. The effort you put into writing a grad school statement of purpose must be extended throughout your graduate learning. Don’t peak too early by exhausting yourself initially. Plan your time and spread your work out evenly to avoid premature exhaustion!

How to Cope with Writing a Grad School Statement of Purpose

sop mastersYour SoP for graduate school is an essential part of your application and route into further education. Taking your time to get it right is necessary to ensure your success. Grad schools look into the SoP to see whether or not you have what it takes to purpose graduate study. Have a look at our list of ways to make writing a statement of purpose for grad school a little less stressful.

What are they asking?

The statement of purpose graduate school prompts may differ but all universities want the same four pieces of information. These are: what you want to study; why you want to study it; what experience you already have it, and what you want to do with your degree.

You want to make it clear that your interest in a subject is based on research or experience you already have in the field. You should demonstrate how deeply you care about the field with examples of ways you have gone above and beyond to learn more about it.

A nice way to do this is to jot down any experience you have in the field and then begin to consider how this has shaped your love for your field.


Graduate school is the time for you to focus on your chosen field, this means your SoP for graduate school should be focused! Write down any skills or experience you have within your field and include these. Try to avoid anything that doesn’t relate directly to the subject you plan to study as while primarily the school doesn’t care about anything that isn’t related to your field it can also make it appear as though you are not that passionate about your subject. You need to paint a picture of how the field you have chosen is your only passion. That you pour every bit of energy and resource into learning more and developing your skills within that field.

Keep it interesting

An admissions committee probably reads thousands of grad school statement of purpose so you really need to stand out to be in with a chance of acceptance. A great way to do this is to think about a particular part of your field that interests you. Is there an issue that needs solving or some new technology that has exciting prospects for the future? What about your field, in particular, gets you excited? This can be a fun way to open your SoP for graduate school as it demonstrates your passion for your subject rather than just talking about it (or yourself!).


Summarising your previous studies and experience can be a nice way to set the scene for how you began to love your chosen field. Again, focus on either the field itself or on things that will support your ability to succeed in your chosen course. The university will know your previous grades from your application but a succinct history of your education and interests is a good way to help an admissions committee get to know you and for you to prove you would be a valuable asset to the department you want to enter.

Top Tips from the Expert

Plenty of people claim to know all there is to know about writing a statement of purpose for grad school but we have a great tip for you from a real expert.

“Emphasize everything from a positive perspective and write in an active, not a passive voice.”

This is really great advice! Remember to be positive in your SoP as this will not only more interesting for an admissions committee to read but also a reflection of your personality. You will hit ruts and find trouble during your research and graduate studies so it is important that you keep a positive outlook and don’t get too bogged down by mistakes. The active voice gives the impression that you are a “do-er”. You will do the research you need to make conclusions and succeed in the graduate study rather than think without actually producing anything of worth.

A little help with grad school statement of purpose can go a long way. Everyone tells you the importance of proofreading, so why not have a professional like one of our writers do it for you? You can be sure then that your work will be edited and read-through effectively, eliminating any errors that might hinder your application.

Let us help you get to grips with your grad school statement of purpose! Contact our highly reliable support team today!